MMA, Technology, and Schools

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and technology have been growing exponentially.

It has been a pleasure so far speaking with people. Politicians such as Adriana LeGrange. I love that she is a farm girl outside Red Deer and has a big family.

MMA Grappling with Technology Schools 

I can relate as I have, including step-siblings—6, and I am the oldest. I kept our conversation short and sweet because I wanted to know the most common technical issue in education regarding online learning.

I have ideas on getting full high-speed internet coverage to all students across Alberta. My focus is adding mixed martial arts to gym classes in grade schools throughout Red Deer.

I have read many books on both the topics of technology and education.

At 15-years-old, I learned Moore’s law and started making yearly predictions of the future of technology. In my late teens and early ’20s, I consumed many books based on tech, education, psychology, biographies of the most outstanding leaders who led my great-grandpa—Winston Churchill.

To the most ruthless of dictators like the one responsible for my great grandfather’s death—Adolf Hitler; as well as history, political science, and many other books.

I still read about a book a week.

In 2014, I wrote an article based on how to transfer from being the most prominent leader in Canada’s oil industry to making Red Deer the Silicon Valley of Canada.

I wrote an article about how A.I. plans to steal all of our jobs for the online magazine that same year.

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MMA and Tech School 

It was based on technologists educating on the importance of teaching things like programming/coding, A.I., V.R. (It went public that year), and any other new technology to grade schools.

The education system was set up to condition people for factory jobs—a tech evolved classroom would condition today’s kids for what jobs there will be in the future.

I know many students and family members who have already and are about to have their dreams crushed when their 4-year degree or life-long career is about to become an artificial intelligence job.

It is no longer how we will quickly, efficiently, and evolve tech in the classroom without increasing the budget. Instead, it will be a matter of getting the proper powers to implement it.

It is not based on new ideas, most are not even my ideas, but the one thing I do know is they perhaps are the best ideas we have right now.

First, though, a passion I picked up in my early 20’s while dealing with PTSD was mixed martial arts.

I have made friends with many mixed martial artists, including schoolteachers/professors who hold black belts in many disciplines.

My favourite gym in Alberta is Arashi-Do.

They have 19 schools throughout Alberta, with black belts from other gyms.

In 2013 I started to figure out how to implement MMA in grade school for gym classes.

Finally, today I have an answer with complete lesson plans on how to do such a thing.

Arashi-Do black belts and schoolteachers at Donnan school in Edmonton have successfully implemented this for at least four years.

MMA in Schools

A school in Innisfail is doing it right now as well.

It was being done until 2016 at Lindsey Thurber, but the teacher had a bike accident and had a bad head injury and was forced to shut the program down.

The lesson plans they gave me are for grades 11/12. One of the best countries in the world doing it right now is Abu Dhabi.

The owners and people at Arashi-Do and other teachers are willing to do this for all of Red Deer’s school divisions and Alberta.

We can show how we can do this with no increase in the budget.

Some of these people I have met have been trying to do this for over a decade now.

They have been weeks away from getting some school boards to join our vision at some points in the past.

Soon I will release a lot of science regarding learning mixed martial arts and the developing brain, the self-confidence boost, and the dramatic decrease in bullying.

I know I can do this for sure for the Red Deer school division, no problem.

That was one of many steppingstones for ideas for my community and province. I also have ideas on how to get MMA classes in rehabs and prisons/jails.

My grandpa inspired me throughout grade school as he became a mayor and Councillor for over 25-years after retiring from a 40-year career. I hope he lasts long enough to see how his influence inspired me to do what I am doing.


Dean Mathers


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