Ecstasy Brain: MDMA Effects on The Brain

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MDMA, Ecstasy, or Molly taken with a positive mindset in a positive environment can leave the user feeling like they are in the perfect world, with intense euphoria, significantly improved bodily and touch feelings, heightened empathy and more profound, more meaningful conversations with others.

Chemist Sasha Shulgin (the father of MDMA) depicted his first 120 mg dose of MDMA said the ecstasy effects were: “I feel entirely clean on the inside, and there is absolutely nothing but euphoria. I never thought feeling this great was possible.”

Ecstasy Effects

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi famously had compared psychedelics to a religious ceremony. In his later years, Rabbi would publish the following: “I felt the great delight of loving the universe and being loved by the universe.”

David Steindl-Rast reported to the LA Times that the ecstasy effects were “like climbing the mountain of thick fog all day and then suddenly, you get to see for the first time the peak of the mountain.

Of course, you cannot take shortcuts to the awakened state, and it takes a lot of effort and work every day. But MDMA allows you a glimpse, a vision of what you are looking for.”

“The ecstasy effects from MDMA is like meditation where it makes you present, although some people can and never will get to that point through mediation.” Explained an MDMA researcher.

The researcher goes on to say, “some describe their MDMA experience as if it gives them a map, that they can later access to help them find their way without the influence of MDMA.”

How Safe is it to Buy Ecstasy on the Street?

Sadly, for the safety of MDMA users, much of the “Ecstasy” is usually nowhere near pure MDMA, and it will often have no actual MDMA in it.

The DEA between 2009 and 2013 found that 87% of “Ecstasy” analyzed contained 0% MDMA. In its place, most of the time is “bath salts” such as methylone.

Positive Ecstasy Effects?

On Average, ecstasy effects last 3-4 hours:

  • Euphoria
  • Increase in empathy and feeling closer in relationships
  • A symbiotic relationship of perfection amongst you and the world.
  • Feelings of being your authentic self.
  • Heightened sense of introspection

This is not a guide or a statement to use illegal psychoactive substances as fentanyl has been hiding in many street drugs.

The following article was written strictly for harm reduction, and a person should take note that the best way to stay safe using MDMA is not to use it.

The same is true with sex, skydiving, and alcohol – the best way to stay safe during these activities is not to do them.

One important lesson I learnt from reading Sasha Shulgin’s books was if you’re going to self-administer a new drug take 1/1000th of what you think you should try, and slowly work your way up to an active dose or one that you feel the desired effects.

“There are two great beings that created psychedelics—God and Sasha Shulgin.” ~ James Fadiman.

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