DMT Makes You Feel Like God

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DMT Makes You Believe You are a God

A recent study by Johns Hopkins University found most people who use the psychedelic drug DMT regularly acquire beliefs in higher powers like God.

An online questionnaire of about 2,500 people undertaken by scientists from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that after taking DMT—named “the spirit molecule” for its ability to create deeply spiritual experiences—58% of participants said experiencing a trip on DMT had activated a belief in powerful supernatural entities and divine beings.

In the recent study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, the goal was to understand better the bizarre experiences people had on DMT—called “entity encounter experiences”—and how they affected their view.

The survey was distributed worldwide on websites like VICE and is the most considerable questionnaire looking at DMT entity encounters. Some of the innovators had published the results in modern psychedelic research: Roland Griffiths, Alan K. Davis, and Matthew Johnson, who oversee Hopkins’ new Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research.

Hopkins Psychedelic Study

Volunteers of the study, who took DMT on average 15 times, explained bumping into an assortment of what they describe as aliens, angels, demons, spirits, gnomes, and fairies.

According to the volunteers, most of these creatures were conscious and generous, with many described as “sacred.” Less than 15% reported malicious or judgmental creatures. Nevertheless, meeting these creatures seemed to rattle people enough to make 80% of them admit the drug had altered their concept of reality.

The study discovered the DMT trip ranked as one of their top five or single most meaningful, spiritually significant, or psychologically insightful experiences of their lives.

DMT, or N, N-dimethyltryptamine, is often described as one of the most potent psychedelics on Earth, submerging people in a dreamlike condition that is indescribable or too intense to try to describe with words.

It is often described as a near-death experience, and like being pronounced dead on a hospital bed and bringing people back to life, many walk away from a DMT trip with a profound spiritual experience.

In the study, most described positive outcomes of tripping on DMT. About 90% reported improved overall life satisfaction and wellbeing, with around 80% reporting finding purpose following their trips.

Nearly 70% of people reported receiving a message or insight from the spirit guides they encountered. Some people had been given predictions about their future or were told the day they would die.

Psychedelics Can Cure Addiction

Others were given way out of an addiction. Others were told “love is the answer” or “we are all connected.” Some were even given information about being God. Some messages were portentous, like predicting Earth’s destruction due to human greediness.

Less than 5% reported any undesirable changes or negativity. Although, for some, crazy encounters made them quit believing in God. 10% said that their experience made them atheist and 16% agnostic.

Whatever people are meeting in the DMT world, these life-changing experiences, labelled by psychedelic ethnobotanist Terence McKenna as “machine elves from hyperspace,” are short in real-time.

Psychedelic Trip Times

While a DMT trip may feel like many lifetimes, strangely, the effects evaporate as fast as they come. It peaks and dissipates in about 15 minutes in just a few minutes. In comparison, an LSD experience can last 12 to 16 hours.

Some people described in the John Hopkins research coincide with other people’s near-death experiences, alleged UFO abductions, and religious prophecy.

Many researchers do not know about DMT, especially why it inspires people toward spirituality or why many users report meeting non-human entities.

DMT is similar chemically to the active ingredient in magic mushrooms called psilocybin and LSD. Still, the effects vary—the one thing these psychedelics have in common is they have a similar structure to serotonin.

When the crystals of DMT are smoked, the tripper is launched into a kaleidoscopic through to the center of the multiverse where space and time are intertwined warped like an Alex Grey painting.

This so-called “breakthrough” or “blast-off” often results in encounters with sentient beings that sometimes telepathic “messages” or via thoughts.

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