The Crash After the High: The Collapse of the Oilfield


The day after I graduated high school, I would start work full time in the oilfield. School didn’t provide me with proper life skills to battle everyday, real-life grown-up situations. The most concerning would be smart financing, never learned things like how to budget properly in school. I got caught in the same way everyone has since the start of those institutions. It didn’t work for me, and not everyone learns the same way. It wasn’t very effective and isn’t for a lot of people. However, I haven’t lost total hope in our education system yet. I got some friends that are and are going to be teachers in grade school. Soon I will be sitting in on some of their classes to see the different teaching methods being utilized today in classrooms. My one friend teaches a grade 5 class, and her kids she teaches are so advanced it’s incredible. I’ve seen the website they work on, its pretty amazing that kids that young are getting the opportunity to learn that type of technology. Teachers like her give me faith and huge confidence in the necessary changes today to shape a better education system for the future.

The first year in the “Real World,” I tried 3 different jobs within the oilfield. Finally, on the 4th attempt, I stuck with one. I started working a part-time job at the age of 14. From then till I got a full-time job, I had an entirely different opinion of taxes and government. Making more money meant I lost more money. On average, I would lose 33% of my income to taxes for the next 3 years. Not only is a big percentage of the money well earned going to the government, but cash is also lost in GST on goods and services. So, in reality, you might as well account for almost half of all your earnings to go to a government that isn’t obviously working.

By age 21, I would learn something exciting, and I got a new job in which would see my income almost triple and get into the 6 figure’s a year. With that, I would see my taxes drop to around 16% of my income now that I owned my own company. I just employed myself, and with that, my taxes dropped in half. I now see that it isn’t fair to anyone who pays way more in lower tax brackets. I’m not sure how to fix a government that isn’t and doesn’t work, not only provincially but federally as well. All I know is something has to change, fast, a new way of governing the people. This way doesn’t work and never has, and obviously will never. That is why I don’t vote, and I don’t think a representative change is an answer. I will vote to change everything within what that representative is behind as a whole. Not just on irrelevant smaller issues these political parties are mainly focusing on.

The oilfield makes it too easy to make a substantial amount of money, which for some reason, mostly ends up back into the economy. When most aren’t taught how to budget properly, it is easy to spend more than a substantial amount. For example, a person with zero experience in the oilfield can work on the rigs and start at a 6 figure a year salary. Most people, though, end up in some debt in one form or another. Our own provincial government is even in debt. Right now, it’s in the billions. It doesn’t help all of Canada is too. Not only Canada, but only 5 out of 188 countries aren’t in debt. With the rise of currencies like Bitcoin, I see a future where currency becomes obsolete or a currency change altogether. We’ve got to the point where we need to find a new, more efficient currency form or get rid of it altogether. For now, there is too much greed driving the evil forces that kill the planet that we know as the great and all mighty oilfield.

Offshore Jack Up Rig in The Middle of The Sea

I’ve seen first hand, working in the oil-sands, how fast they can demolish our beautiful boreal forests. In literally days, acres upon acres are being demolished to make way to drill wells, make roads to check these wells, for pipelines, metering stations and lots of types of facilities. I’ve seen many animals being driven out of their homes, such as; lynx, black bears, deer, muskrats, wolves many types of birds, such as a family of great grey owls. I haven’t seen any of these companies planting trees to replace their destruction. Although they claim they are, I’ve even seen areas 20 plus years old that haven’t grown any trees back. Not to mention the amount of pollution being made by these companies every year.

These big facilities emit alarming amounts of harmful radiation. I missed a year of hockey due to asthma when I was young. Thankfully, I was only on a puffer for a few years, caused by the oilfield’s airborne chemicals. Many animals and people become ill due to pollutants found in the air and water supplies being affected. When a well is being drilled or fracked (Fracking is where they blow up the good formation with high pressured water and dangerous chemicals, blowing up the earth from the inside.), they use 3-5 million gallons of fresh water per well, non of this freshwater is recovered.

Many of these companies are American, Asian and middle-eastern; Canadian companies don’t care about the harm caused to the earth or people, so why would these foreign companies? It’s time to rise and focus more on alternative energy such as wind, solar and even nuclear is less harmful with less waste created. Poking holes and blowing up the earth as well as basically killing ourselves is what I call “Insanity.” These rich, useless, money-hungry fuck heads running this mess have to be stopped. There is a lot more of us than there are of them. As a society, we have the power to stop this, we only get one earth, and I want to see it survive. Otherwise, the earth will cleanse itself of this disease; this growth we have created called the oilfield has to be stopped.

In short, we are in and entering a higher level of consciousness. Doing things in the way we always have in the past aren’t working anymore and hasn’t for along time. We are in the information age, almost making it impossible to hide the truth of what is actually going on around us on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes we have to put down this technology, turn off our TVs, park our cars and enjoy this beautiful earth we have. Mother earth is sick, and we caused this, but we have the power to heal this as well. As a society, we have the power to make the necessary changes to help fix these problems.

We can all make a difference. No matter how big or small, don’t ever underestimate yourself. It starts with being aware and not accepting what’s not right anymore. Only do and accept things that are helpful for people, living species and the world as a whole. Call me hopeful, but I see a great future ahead where the big changes are made, and we as a society live in a harmless utopia. I don’t see myself leaving this earth as the same dark place when I first entered it. Everyone is capable of shaping their own positive destiny. Always keep an open mind, imagination and dreams often.

“I am not here to build a business; I am not here to build a corporation; I am not here to build Schools; I am not here to build churches—I am no Mother Theresa.

What I will do is—lead a legacy.”

– Dean Mathers












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