Eleusis Mysteries: Solved – Part II

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

Archaeologists in Spain have recently found the Ancient Greek Triptolemus artifact from the 5th Century B.C. representing him spreading grain amongst Europe. After the temple of Eleusis is established, they send him to spread the grain’s knowledge across Europe or the start of agriculture. Triptolemos travelled West, meaning the Eleusis mysteries travelled West, and they were never supposed or no evidence of the Greeks going West until now.

If he went to Italy, he was probably in Spain as well. Triptolemus is found in Spain through an artifact found there. He is depicted again carrying the Eleusis Mysteries. That brings part of this were in The Eleusis Mysteries Solved Part I, I mention Albert Hofmann, Carl Ruck, Gordon Wassman, who wrote the book Road to Eleusis, now ask the question: “What is Triptolemos doing there in modern-day Spain? Was he sent as a missionary to teach people how to farm, as most scholars instruct?

Throughout the Neolithic period, people knew how to farm very well. It starts in the breadbasket of Gobekli Tepe and Anatolia. There was farming as far back as 6500 B.C., by 4000 B.C., farming was found throughout Europe, including Greece. They think it wasn’t about growing the grain because people already had the knowledge to farm and grow on the grain itself.

The Eleusis Mysteries
The Eleusis Mysteries

In addition to Triptolemos and the heads of the Greek Goddess Persephone, researchers find a 250 square foot ritual sanitary that is called a household shrine when translated to English from French (Spain). They believe it is specifically a shrine that re-enacts the mysteries of Persephone and Demeter for people who wanted to get in contact with their Greek ancestors. Researchers hypothesize that this room or sanitary was a place for living people to contact the dead. \

There is evidence of Greek influence as the room’s Alter is a Column from near Athens. The column was proven through pictographic analysis that it had—Mount Pentelicus query Northeast of Athens. Archeologists also found they were sacrificing dogs as they found three female dogs. There is one Greek Goddess associated with this, and that is Hecate. She was known as the Mother Witch and the partitionist of all witches? They sacrifice dogs to her as she is known as “the dog eater.”

Besides finding the Greek alter, the Goddess whose dogs are being sacrificed to in an underworld journey, they also find a Greek Hearth and several Greek cups. . The archeologist sent one of these cups to an archaeal botanist, and he found evidence of beer in it. The cup was used in some rituals with a beer in it during a Greek Goddess Persephone and Demeter ceremony. More importantly, they also found the remains of Ergot, which proves Carl Ruck’s thesis in the book: Road to Eleusis.

After the book’s release, Ruck was known as “The Drug Guy” and was sidelined from academia ever since. However, he is still alive, and 42 years later, he finally gets to see his hard work and truth eventually pay off.

Carl Ruck is and yet can talk about this extensively in public now. He is only 85 years old, as he has never stopped researching the use of drugs in the ancient world. He is the expert in this topic and can finally see his lifework be appreciated for what it is and not be drowned out because it doesn’t fit with some old ideology.


If Carl Ruck is Right about everything so far? Is his science right when it comes to the psychedelic use of the Christians? He believes it’s another culture that used Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. Meaning we can now move from the mysteries of Eleusis to the mysteries of Dionysus.

The ones who need psychedelics the most in the Western Hemisphere more than ever are the churches, the prisons, drug/alcohol rehabilitation centres, the leaders, the doctors, and the mentally ill. So it is not an accident psychedelic decided to wait to present itself through modern science to show us how we need it more than ever, how it brought people together in the past and healed the sick and mentally unwell like it was designed to do.

Psychedelics weren’t put here on earth to be used without proper respect and intentions. Otherwise, when drugs get used without their intentional uses, it becomes not just that person’s problem, but it leads to society’s problems. Psychedelics aren’t here for you to find them; they find you when the time is right when they are needed.

It would serve this society to use them, but the world needs to utilize their spiritual and sacramental uses as it was intended for. Psychedelics allows the mind’s two hemispheres to connect in a dream-wake state like consciousness to look past the brain’s problem-solving parts to see things as more of a collective consciousness to do better for the whole, instead of just the self like most psychologists and psychiatrists preach.

The Eleusis Mysteries
The Eleusis Mysteries


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The Eleusis Mysteries: Solved – Part I

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