Socialism Shaking Communism’s Hand

Justin XI

Socialism Shaking Communism’s Hand well grinning like a Cheshire cat, Xi Jinping and The Communist Party of China knows they own you now, and it is just a matter of time before they have complete control over North American citizens.

If you have socialism without capitalism it becomes communism.

If you have capitalism without socialism it becomes fascism.

Democracy is Dead!

Civil rights are Dead!

Logical thinking is dead!

The communist party of China owns North America!

China Won!

America Took a 20 Year Nap – and China Won!

The biggest threat to North America isn’t ISIS, AL Qaeda, Putin, or North Korea.

It’s China!

China is the most significant— existential threat to democracy.

China was the most dominant society for 5,000 years and only had 100 years of bad luck and slowly perfecting a way to control people.

After World War 2, the rules and international norms were established, the system’s foundation was built on communistic ideologies perpetuated through the cold war.

Socialism and Communism Statistics

Being a dominant force in the cold war, they took that win and communism ideologies and grew it exponentially, believing that is how you win.

They have no free speech or other human rights and go against everything that is a democracy.

Those who control the data today hold power.

The most prominent players in the data game are large technology companies and totalitarian regimes.

Democracy has next to an impossible job fighting either one—never mind both!

Countries like China can get the data from social media companies and use it to manipulate you.

China, Russia, North Korea are all in your networks right now.

My accounts have already been looked at, and Twitter banned me from an article I shared about how the police now use facial recognition technology to “catch criminals.” and the

Social media companies’ job is to protect your data from dictators and not to have censorship in America, and not to give platforms to the Al Quaeda leader.

Communism - Terrorism - Al Qaeda Leader

Science, talent, innovation took over from the West and was implemented in China, as business closed down in the West.

China has to outsource labour to other countries now as they have a lack of labourers now.

China used to employ the most labourers per capita.

China built the Great Firewall to protect its people and prevent a different type of globalization than a policed state type.

China’s businesses stayed open not for human and civil rights, liberty, and free-market but business for the state and not the individual.

Criticize the policies and the government that allows the behaviour to happen before your government becomes a Marxist-Leninist communist policed state.

In 2008, when the West’s financial system collapsed, it showed China that we lacked the skills to run the world economic system, so they believe they can do it better and prove it.

It’s not about what’s best for the people anymore. It’s what is best for the business. There are too many owners from other countries with an invested interest in many companies.

When your GDP is made up of businesses owned by people in other countries, it is like saying you own that car you just bought from the dealership.

However, you only own a percentage worth of that car, and when you buy a house, and a different bank lends you the money for it until it’s paid off.

Free Speech Movement!

Socialism vs Communism

It’s not much different from having many investors from other parts of the world because they control what’s fair and what isn’t.

You start to create different currencies based on different inflation rates based on what’s best for the banks and the interest of doing business not for the people but for the politicians willing to play the game.

China’s culture looks at things long-term, and they have sat back and invested money in their competitor’s economies and took over resources from countries the United States started.

The Chinese aren’t in the business of starting wars anymore, and they are in actual companies worldwide.

Strategically, with time, they gained a lot of business in other parts of the world, and before you know it, they will control the world’s economy.

China has laid more concrete between 2011 and 2013 than the entire united stated has done in the 20th century.

In those two years, more concrete was laid in China than the US did in the last 114 years.

The economy and housing bubble popped, and China took over the slack.

They’re back on top and taking over the financial system.

Look at how they treat their citizens and how they treat foreigners. Is communism the right thing to do for the rest of the world?

Policed Owned Facial Recognition Technology 

Communism and Socialism

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