Credit Scores and Social Credit Systems

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Credit Scores and Social Credit Systems

University is a way to condition a young person for debt. After school, they will be in debt for a house, in debt for a car, in debt for a divorce lawyer, in debt for multiple credit cards, etc.

If you don’t pay your debts drowned in interest, your credit score will decrease. You are allowed a new house and a new car with a good credit score.

If you have a bad credit score, you cannot purchase a new car or home similar to those with a good credit score, and you may have to settle for an apartment driving a used vehicle.

Your credit score is just a dulled-down version of a social credit score. Banks can dictate where you live and what you drive to how much money you can have to start a business with. If you don’t pay the banks back with interest, you will be bankrupt and will not be allowed to borrow money for years.

If you are in debt from university or college, that must be paid back, and you can’t have it excused like all other debt.

The business of loans dictates your credit score, which dictates what you are allowed to buy.

A credit score has just been conditioning Western society for a social credit system where they can dictate everything you do. With the advancement of technology, this can quickly be done as we see in China.

They can now quickly implement a social credit system through the already well-established credit system. So now tech companies are competing to see who gets to own the social credit system app.

The vaccine passport is the foundation for the social credit system that has worked its way into society through the covid pandemic.

As long as you are vaccinated with followed-up booster needles, you will be given a digital card that allows you to be socially active in other countries, states, provinces, restaurants, bars, gyms, and other places. If you are not vaccinated, the business can allow you in or not.

China has already converted entire cities with millions of people to digital currencies.

When cryptocurrency is your only option, the government can implement where you spend your money. If you are not following their rules, they may only allow you to spend money within a 5-mile (8km) radius.

Your cryptocurrency wouldn’t work anywhere else except inside the parameters the government sets.

As of now, you are limited to where you can go if you are not vaccinated. Next, it could be what you spend your money on, and with facial recognition technology getting better, they can see your face in stores and on street corners as well as on your smartphone.

In China, they control who gets the internet as the Chinese Communist Party owns the internet. The one good thing that has come is that they limit kids to playing video games down to a few hours a week, mostly on weekends, as they know kids spend too much time online, contributing to a non-productive society.

Credit scores have been the foundation for a social credit system. Now advancements in various technologies will allow for a more elaborate social credit system.

If all goes well for the government and the tech companies producing the technology, the social credit system might soon control your whole life from one convenient app.

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