5 Quick ADHD Tips to Boost Focus

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Deep Breathing Exercises to Boost Focus 

Stress and anxiety can build up as we try to boost focus, sometimes to the point where it is a seemingly impassable wall of awfulness. However, science-based breathing exercises are worth trying to help break down that wall.

10-Minute Movement

Taking breaks between tasks with walking, skipping, running, jumping, or from one end of your house to the other may all be helpful aids to boost focus and energy.

The Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro technique is a critical concentration hack that includes small work blocks (20 minutes) and breaks in-between (5 minutes).

Search “Pomodoro” or “focus timer” in any app store, and there should be a helpful app!

Mix It Up a Bit More

This technique has been described as having “two pots on the stove at once.” As one task becomes bored to you, “productively procrastinate” by simply switching to another task.

You may find that a Tetris game between a few tasks works better than just trying to make yourself work through a tedious task, and it works well to boost focus.

Beat the Clock

“How quickly can I get this task finished” is more fun than the typical “get this done, push through the struggle.”

Shut the Door to Boost Focus

This is not meant to be a metaphor. Instead, it comes from a literal foundation of what you should do to keep it quiet.

As much as you may love working in my living room and the television on— it is way too spacious! It is much too bright! It is way too airy! So as part of tuning in your focus means minimizing all possible distractions.

A shut door can certainly help with this, as well as it also signals the brain that we mean serious business well you boost your focus.

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