Microdosing Boosts Creativity and Writing Abilities

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Creativity and psychedelics go hand in hand. Although users in large doses have had massive creative breakthroughs in science, art and music, the growing popularity of microdosing reveals that small, sub-perceptual doses of psilocybin or LSD can substantially boost creativity.

Microdosing  Creativity

A new study looking at data from the most extensive worldwide drug survey gives anecdotal evidence, along with previous research gathered for years.

From the 6,753 subjects who microdose for a minimum of one time in the last year, the many positive results include increased focus, creativity, sociability, and mood, while the most reported challenges from microdosing were “none.”

Not only is microdosing completely safe, but the benefits also far outweigh the challenges, particularly when it comes to creativity.

What is Creativity

Creativity extends a lot further than just simply having a lot of ideas. In its place, researchers have defined creativity as creating valuable and novel ideas.

Creativity appears to be a forceful process, a symbiosis between forces of invention and assessment. Indeed, imagination alone is not enough. To be creative, you must be able to solve problems too efficiently.

How to Measure Creativity

Previous microdosing research measured creativity as a combination of two styles of thinking.

Convergent thinking is connected to figuring out the best solution to a problem, whereas divergent thinking is linked to discovering out-of-the-box ideas. Microdosing seems to enhance both styles of thinking.

The balance between persistence and flexibility of thinking gives you a better sense of how activities like painting, drawing, and writing are enhanced under microdosing.

Microdosing  Creativity and Writing  

When writing, microdosing psilocybin or LSD helps improve the coming up with brand new ideas and the skill to focus on detail well sticking with the process.

Anecdotal evidence shows that writing under the influence of microdosing can be perhaps the most potent tool for overpowering writer’s block and avoiding it altogether.

Online evidence from microdosers ranges from subjects feeling inspired by the creativity to picking up writing as a hobby to well-known writers gaining more confidence in their process and entering flow states a lot more often.

Furthermore, microdosing can boost creativity on a “micro” level, rather than thinking up big ideas, such as a concept for a new book. On the other hand, microdosing may allow the user to focus on a minor detail, such as significant character descriptions or a genius line of dialogue.

Microdosing can also aid in writing more philosophical, enhancing the depth of your style.

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