CBD Cancer Treatment Study

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The non-psychoactive cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) has built a reputation as a cure-all. It can treat everything from arthritis to anxiety.

Although many of these treatments are anecdotal or produced by businesses looking to sell CBD-infused whatever they can. A new study proposes that CBD might be a legitimate new cancer therapy.

In Search of a New Cancer Treatment

An aggressive type of cancer called Glioblastoma can form in either the spinal cord or the brain. Although, unfortunately, 75% of people diagnosed with Glioblastoma pass away within a year, only about 7% will live longer than five years.

Chase Gross, a researcher at the Colorado State University who oversees the CBD study, explains that the survival rates for cancer haven’t much increased over the years, making Glioblastoma an urgent matter for scientists to discover a new cancer treatment.

In cooperation with scientists from the University of California Davis, the team tested CBD’s effect on Glioblastoma.

The researchers introduced CBD extract and pure CBD, which has trace amounts of cannabinoids, to canine and human glioblastoma culture cells.

The researchers had found that both the CBD extract and the pure CBD were toxic to the cancer cells, interrupting their ability to grow and function.

This is by no means that a handful of CBD-infused candies will be a cure for cancer. By itself, the vitro results don’t mean much as many things can kill cancer and healthy cells in a Petri dish.

A lot more research is still required to show that CBD concentrations that kill cancer cells will be safe for healthy cells and that it can be efficiently transported to a brain tumour, which is impossible to achieve by simply ingesting CBD on its own.

Future Battles Against Glioblastoma

The researcher’s next step is to see if CBD has the same effect in animals on glioblastoma cells.

However, scientists do not assume CBD alone will be the newest cancer therapy, even if it works.

Therefore, the study’s abstract investigates if the concentrations of CBD needed to create the effects required “might not be attainable pharmacologically.” This means you cannot get that amount of CBD into a brain tumour without killing the patient.

Nevertheless, CBD has many proven medical benefits, such as the FDA-approved epilepsy drug Epidiolex, and now CBD might be an essential factor for cancer treatment.

It is more important now than ever that CBD continues to be vigorously studied in the cancer field and perhaps the preventative field.

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