Cannabis Treatment for PTSD

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A recent study looks at the effects of cannabis on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its accompanying symptoms. A group of scientists managed by Stephanie Lake at the University of British Columbia discovered that people living with PTSD were way more likely to have significant depression and suicidal thoughts and tendencies except for those who used marijuana.

PTSD is an anxiety disorder, and it severely increases the chances of getting depression and suicide. So the researchers investigated whether marijuana use transforms the connection between PTSD and having a major depressive episode or suicidal thoughts or tendencies.

Cannabis Treatment for PTSD

Cannabis treatment for PTSD through the new theoretical and operational therapy of legal cannabis as a practical measure modifier. This study shows evidence that weed use may reduce the symptoms of PTSD, major depressive outbreaks, and suicidal thoughts.

The researchers examined Statistics Canada’s 2012 Canadian Community Health Survey data. The stats included 25,113 people from Canada aged 15 or older.

Cannabis Treatment for PTSD Survey

The survey consisted of people answering questions on an assortment of health-related topics. However, the scientists were particularly interested in four of the questions.

First, they wanted to make sure the volunteers had a PTSD diagnosis. Second, they wanted to see if they had a major depressive episode within the year. Third, they wanted to know how the participants answered the following question, “In the last year, did you think seriously about committing suicide?” Fourth, the researchers wanted to know if the participants had used marijuana more than once in the last 12 months.

Cannabis Treatment for PTSD

Cannabis treatment for PTSD symptoms can be very effective at alleviating thought patterns.

The researchers found that the volunteers stated that PTSD of approximately 25,000 Canadian participants was 1.7%. The researchers also found the frequency of repeated cannabis use to be about 11.4%. So those who were diagnosed with PTSD were way more likely to use marijuana.

Over 25% of Canadians who have PTSD described past-year cannabis use, which is abnormally high compared to the popularity of recent cannabis use in the general Canadian population.

Researchers look at significant depression and suicidal thoughts. The scientists stated that 4.7% of participants met the standards for having had a major depressive episode within the past 12 months, and 3.3% of volunteers had suicidal thoughts or suicidality.

Cannabis Treatment for PTSD Research

Researchers calculated that the odds of having either significant depressive episodes or suicidal thinking were about 20 times more than non-cannabis users with PTSD.

Cannabis Treatment for PTSD can also help people sleep and help them alleviate their flashbacks.

Amongst the cannabis users, the odds of experiencing major depressive episodes or suicidality were only about 6-7 times more. However, it’s important to state that correlation doesn’t equal causation.

Further research is needed that will utilize high-quality randomized control trials to establish the fundamental relationship between cannabis use as an effective treatment for PTSD-related symptoms.

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