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Self-help and positive psychology have many things all in common that I have seen, and that is as follows:

  • Every successful and most sane practice a form of meditations
  • Everyone exercises regularly, tones of water, most of whom do hard physical work-outs
  • They all follow strict diets
  • They all get an adequate and reasonable amount of sleep

Now, for the good stuff:

  • They all have mentors, most more than just one. They do rely on professionals as much or more than anyone else.
  • They all keep a journal of some sort.
  • They all have goals. When you have a goal, you have something to work towards. Most successful people write not only short-term and long-term goals but also daily goals.
  • They all follow strict routines filled with healthy habits.
  • Thinking outside the box is normal for them.
  • Not only do they visualize and feel the feelings associated with success, but most importantly, they work their asses off to complete these goals.
  • They spend thousands of countless hours involved with their craft, most of whom will spend most of their day being productive towards their goals.
  • When they first start, they work 16-24-hour days making little to no money for months or even years before making a dime. I can’t stress this one enough, most people are good at goal making and visualizing what they want in life, but most will never put the work in.
  • They approach every situation with an open-mind
  • They’re not scared to say, “I don’t know.”
  • Most are great teachers.
  • They are not afraid to admit when they are wrong.
  • All successful people read books, and some write.
  • They all keep active imaginations and know how to think like a kid. Your imagination is the foundation of your reality.
  • Their ideas are ahead of their time.
  • They don’t follow trends. They show people what they want and not where the trend is headed.
  • They make free-time for themselves for leisure activities.
  • They don’t care so much about their feelings, and they chose their friends wisely.
  • They understand the concept of how you become like the 5 people you hang-out with most.
  • They have mastered the power of positive thinking.
  • They understand sociology and how people think and behave.
  • Most aren’t satisfied with the norm and are constantly innovating new ideas.
  • They spend countless hours thinking critically about every situation.
  • They have mastered time management.
  • They are not afraid to admit when they are wrong, and they learn from their mistakes. Most of whom will not make the same mistake twice. Instead, they will formulate a new approach to solve whatever problem(s) that may arise.
  • Most importantly, they use their brain like any other muscle. It gets regular daily exercise.
  • Hard work. 18 plus hour days every day. No exceptions. If the average person works 8 hour days if you work 16 hour days you’ll have done the same thing it takes the average person a year to do in 6 months.

“I am not here to build a business; I am not here to build a corporation; I am not here to build Schools; I am not here to build churches—I am no Mother Theresa.

What I will do is—lead a legacy.”


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