Anti-Ageing Meds Being Tested on the Military

anti ageing

One advantage of being a part of the military is they get early access to the best technology — such as duct tape, GPS, tampons, and virtual reality. Now they will soon be guinea pigs for anti-ageing pills.

Starting this year (2022), the United States military’s Special Operations Command (SOCOM) will be testing a new anti-ageing pharmaceutical that will prevent people from growing old — meaning they will not go through the associated adverse effects with ageing.

Inventing a Superhuman

Military operatives drive troops to push them to the height of their physical limits.

Thus, it’s practically natural for the military to have been trying to enhance human ability. Therefore, military technology can do extraordinary things, from AI co-pilots to creating wearable robotic suits that allow an average person superhuman strength.

Their latest and greatest technology is said to cure the illness of ageing, well, sort of.

How the Anti-Ageing Meds Work

The anti-ageing med, which is like any supplement, increases levels of the chemical called NAD+. It has been linked to ageing and the many ways the human body declines as we age.

The new medicine is being created through a rare partnership between SOCOM and Metro International Biotech, a private biotech lab.

SOCOM believes that if they give a significant amount of NAD+ to soldiers, then perhaps they will not see the body and mind deteriorate, which comes with age.

The Future of NAD+

After conducting proper safety trials, Metro International Biotech and SOCOM plan to start the next testing phase sometime this year (2022).

“We’ve done the proper pre-clinical dosing and safety studies to do the follow-up performance testing sometime this year in 2022,” said Navy Commander Tim Hawkins, a spokesperson for SOCOM.

If the upcoming studies do well, it can become a longevity therapy for any civilian. But then, it would be pointless to bio-hack your body to optimize your performance.

“We are working well with leading clinical research institutions and industry partners to invent a nutraceutical, in pill form that has a variety of use by both military members and civilians, to greatly enhance human performance – such as an increase endurance and a speedier recovery after an injury,” Hawkins said.

As of now, though, it is a long way away from making anyone Superman. Researchers are still not sure if it will have any anti-ageing effects, and it will need years of research before any results surface.

anti ageing

Dean Mathers

Editor and Chief of Mind Debris Magazine

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