Why I Started My New Years Goals in October

When you figure out that learning failure is what eventually leads to success, one has a more optimistic view into the future. If you are not failing, you have either quit or you are not trying hard enough. Failure is the foundation for success. And depending how you measure success, or the way you define it, one must first figure out what it is they want, one should create goals. Goals are a way to strive forward for what you want in life. Not just long-term goals, but have daily goals that you write out every morning upon waking. That way you can physically see it on paper and it will be on the mind all day until you can cross it off the list. It will give you a positive outlook and a sense of accomplishment. Then read over-and-over again long-term goes with those positive vibrations and believe it is possible until that long-term goal is achieved. Failure can be the leverage needed, the only problem with failure is people quit too soon. Especially nowadays, with an overwhelming majority of people looking for short-term satisfactory, stimulating solutions through our isolating technologies. I won’t say the exact statistics that people fail their New Year resolutions because I don’t want to kill your dreams, we’ll just say it is under 10 percent.

I started the ketogenic diet, as well as intermittent fasting as my main goals, which I started both back in October. For those that don’t know what either one of those are, they are as follows: the ketogenic diet is like the paleo or Atkins diets. They are high protein and fat with low or no carbs. The keto diet is about 70% protein and 30% fats, both saturated and most dietary fats are both healthy for you. The idea is to get your body into ketosis, that is where your body burns fat as energy instead of glucose. Not only is your body burning the fat you are eating, but it is also burning the stored fat on your body. Intermittent fasting is where you fast for 14-18 hours a day, and eat only within a 10 to 6-hour window. For example, I eat my first meal between 3pm and 4pm and my last meal at 9pm or 10pm. I have noticed a drastic rise in my happiness and mood, as well as it really leans me out, more energy throughout the day, a far better mood, less anxiety, less depression, and it helps with sleep, no more insomnia.

It is best to start a new healthy habit with very detailed goals, as to how and what it is you are trying to achieve. It takes the average person just 21 days to make something a habit. If you could do just one small thing today to get you to where you want to be, what would that be? Maybe doing yoga, or exercising, start an outline for that book you want to write, read 10 pages of a book you want to read, make that call you’ve been putting off, sign up for some classes, etc. The world doesn’t care who you are, or where you are from, the adversities in your way, the world just makes anything a possibility. Use your imagination and do the necessary work, every successful person has worked their fucking asses off, they sleep, eat, and breathe their passions. Fuck your excuses.


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