Wheres your resolution?


by Matthew Dahrouge.
New year, new me.  Now is the time when everyone is reminded to reflect on last years endeavours, and set goals for a new timeline of personal progression. Albeit two weeks in, and many of us have already broken our new vows. So what is it about new years that excites us for change, and what happens when we loose that motivation.  For some people, self motivation is as easy as whistling your favourite tune, and for others its a constant struggle. I’ve always found myself in the later category, and I still have no hope of learning to whistle, for now.
I have come across many out looks from people about setting their personal goals. Some have thrown out the idea completely, saying “well its time for that ‘New Year! New Me bullshit”. While others have shown great strength and determination with their goals, and are staying committed. Good on those folk!
So what is the “New Years” resolution all about?
Its all about endings and beginnings, and our tradition of the two being applied to the time lines of our lives we call years. When we think about something “ending”, we usually look back at what got us to that point. Reflect, and analize the path that led to this destination. And when we think about a new “Beginning” we can expect to learn from the last similar subjective experience we had, and apply new strategies and outlooks to achieve a new goal.
Both of these imply an expected result, plan or route of action, and a time line.
Time line. Three weeks ago I found my self quite perplexed as to what my goals and aspirations would be in the up coming new year. Then I thought why should I set a goal or a resolution. Either way I knew that with my mindset the way it was, I would be not capable of keeping my oath of self improvement.
The holidays can be a stressful time for some, and with the coming of the new year many people are looking forward to their expected experience of success, adventure, learning, or whatever it may be. But here is where I have problem with this particular action of expectation, that the number we assign to a year is going to bring us great things? Well lets get real, just because the date changes, does not mean your resolve will. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes people need what they call a new leaf, a feeling like “something is different this time, because things have changed.” And the new year brings this feeling to many people, and not to mention the countless people around you who have similar goals and determinations that you can look to for support. But if your looking for a situational circumstance to feed your motivation, you will fail, and lets face it, if you didn’t have the motivation to make the change last year, then you didn’t really want it. A new year isn’t going to make a difference unless you do.
 I think the reason so many of us won’t succeed with our resolutions is because we aren’t ready for change.
“I’m going to” VS. “I am”.
  Are you ready for change?  Time lines are important when setting goals, but putting one before you even being to make progress is instant failure. When we say “Im going to”, it really means I’m not ready, ill procrastinate a bit longer. This idea of a perfect future will never come unless we make moves everyday. And in reality there is no perfect future. You could be the best dad, skateboarder, mathematician, or hockey player on the planet. But guess what? There is always room for improvement. “I’m going to” leads to your dreams always being in the future with no beginning, and you will only show resentment, disappointment, and anger when the day comes and nothing is what you expected it to be.
 So, are you ready for change? If you said yes, then you have already started on your way to fulfilling your desires. “I AM” is powerful, way more powerful than the wanting of a future prospect. Saying “I AM” actually puts you on the path to success. Saying “I AM” puts your goals in the present tense, and the present is the only place you have any “REAL POWER” cause you can’t change the past, or the future. I know how that sounds and many of you are thinking “Of course you can change the future”, well think again. The only thing thats going to change the future, is what you are doing right now. That means you got to get off your ass and do the deeds to make the difference. The future won’t fall into place by reading a book, thinking about how awesome you’ll look in your swimwear, or liking a Facebook page, these are all just dreams. Clicking “like” doesn’t make a difference (besides supporting the post), the person on the other end writing the posts, donating the money, organizing the events, is the one making the idea a reality.  “I AM” says I’m worth it, I deserve it, I know it, I love it, and I can do anything! “I AM” makes you have the power to take what you want, or to be that better person to yourself and those around you.
When? Only you can decide when the time is right to challenge your goals. A new year only brings the hype, you need to bring the motivation and passion for success. Success will come when you want the outcome bad enough that you are willing to suffer your way to the end. So be ready.

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