What I Have Learned From 6 Months Without A Smartphone

I have held a cellphone in my hand or in my pocket since my 17th birthday, just over 14-years ago now. It was around the time when texting through T9 was becoming popular. My dad had to pick up my phone bill as a parcel because it didn’t fit in the regular mailbox. It came in a box which consisted of at least 300 -400 pages, and it gave every bit of detail the phone did throughout the month, including: every text sent and received, every call sent and received, it seemed like anytime I looked my phone the bill tracked it. To save trees Bell Mobility decided not to list everything in such great detailed, and soon-there-after I would get the bill on a more reasonably one-sided paper bill.


My cell addiction began as soon as I got my phone, I credit that to why I have neck and back problems today, but thanks to yoga, it has been able to rectify most of my back issues. It puts my mind into wonder, as to how we went hundreds of thousands if not millions of years without these now little computers that fit ever so eloquently in our pockets. Now, when I’m in public, I observe people on their phones, it looks like a bunch of hypnotized zombie like sheeple, who are all looking down moving about in a conformed orderly fashion. I see young kids, to the elderly, looking down at their hands instead of whomever they are sharing “quality time with.” We have aloud our technologies to control our lives, and it has distance us from one another. My millennial generation is fucked, they can’t even hold a conversation with another in person, that is face-to-face looking them straight in the eyes. Instead, they are slaves to their smart phone devices, and when they try and hold a conversation, it almost always is through text.


These last six months have taught me some of if not the most important lessons I have ever experienced. Instantaneously, like a baby being cut from the umbilical cord from its’ mother, I found that I had so much more time. Time to me is more valuable than gold, or any currency, even crypto currencies. It took about 7 to 10 days for me to get over the phantom vibrate phenomena, where I was convinced that my phone was vibrating in my pocket, when of course, there was no tele in there. It took about 2 weeks for me to fully get over the habit of reaching down to grab that little computing buddy, so that I could get lost in the world of google, well reading some sort of science article, probably.


I have several categories that I have compared from my first semester of college, from 2016, to this last semester of college of 2017 and it is as follows (I’ve kept a daily journey since 2013 where I input this information in a daily journal):


The average amount of sleep I got:


With a phone: 6 hours per night


Without a phone: 7.5 hours per night


The average amount of words I wrote a day:


With a phone: 1000 to 1500


Without a phone: 2000 to 3500


The average amount of pages from a book I read:


With a phone: 10


Without a phone: 22


My grades in college:


With a phone: C’s and B’s or 2.0 to 3.0


Without a phone: B’s and A’s 3.0 to 4.0


My overall mood and anxiety on a 1 – 10-point scale (1 being in horrible misery type state and 10 being as cool as a cucumber):


With a phone: 6.5


Without a phone: 8


Depression levels (1 being suicidal down as low in the dumps one can get, and 10 being as high on life before being on Pluto):


With a phone: 6


Without a phone: 8.2



In summary: I gained 1.5 hours of sleep on average a night, my mood and anxiety levels improved 2.5 points, my depression levels dissipated just over a couple points, I increased my writing a whole page or over 1000 words and a day, I have over doubled the amount I read a day, and not to mention I went up a full grade point on average in psychology.


If anyone is interested in breaking that pesky phone addiction, check out this article I wrote for InstaShift entitled: 22 Simple Techniques to Break Your Phone Addiction

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