Help! Out Your Local Filipinos!!

Meet 27 year old Eduard or his Canadian nickname Edward. He is from Surigao del Norte is a province of the Philippines located in the Caraga region in Mindanao. The province consists of two major islands, he’s from Siargao Island which is the international surfing capital of the Philippines. The other island part of this beautiful province is Bucas Grande Island. Within the Philippines its a archipelago spread out over 7,100 islands.

I first had the pleasure of meeting this young courageous man on November 14, 2013. When I first talked to him he had only been in Canada for a week. He was already running the till and just as fast with making my delicious smoothie as the other employees. He is the youngest of four siblings, he has one brother and two older sisters. Unfortunately his father past shortly after his high school graduation as well as his mother who had past when he was only 20 years young. He has taken full responsibility for his family and working overseas here to support his loving siblings or as he describes himself as the “bread winner” now. Happy to report they are all doing well although they had to temporally relocate cause the nasty typhoon, he’s very grateful that his family made it out alive.

Super Typhoon Haiyan happened November 8-9 causing an estimated 559 million dollars in damage. Early estimates of economic costs are about 15 billion dollars. This is the strongest storm ever to make landfall and the deadliest typhoon to hit the Philippines in recent history. The death toll stands at 5,235 people and more then 4.2 million people have been displaced by the typhoon, and 347,426 are living in shelters.

So if your in Red Deer, Alberta pop into the Booster Juice on the North end address is 6206 67st just to say hi to this young man. Lets open up our hearts and wallets and give back to this amazing country. Here is a link to the Red Cross where we can give back………at the top of the page under get involved the first option is donate. Thank you all and pass on this incredible story of one of our new locals.




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