Getting High…….Properly?…….I Guess?

According to a CBC article last year, Steve Jobs claimed to have pulled the iPad out of an LSD trip he experienced in the early 1970’s. He also dabbled in some marijuana during the 70’s as well . Rumor has it, in 1988 the some government agencies had given him in depth questioning about his LSD and pot use. Although he was the co-founder of the first personal computer (PC), he didn’t take responsibility for it until the iPad was in his hands. He felt people weren’t ready for this technology that soon, so they invented and had the iPhone come out first. His lifetime obsession  of helping with the advancement of computer technology, was meant for people to have all the information they could ever want at there fingertips. Like he claimed though, viewing things through (computers, phones, iPads, etc) and experiencing things first hand are totally different. His views were, yes its nice to have such great technology, but sometimes we have to put these items aside and experience them first hand.

Click here to view this great blog The Mail did about Mr. Jobs drug use in the 70’s. They put up the official documents from the Pentagon.

The invention of LSD is the reason why we have the “medical drugs” we have today. Without this find people wouldn’t be as well looked after as they are today. A lot of our medical drugs are synthetic versions of the LSD discovery.

I’m in no way trying to say taking drugs without the proper supervision of a doctor is a good thing. Its not, this is just a fun documentary I enjoyed…..



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