Experiences, From Deep Inside The Floatation Tank

Experiences inside The Tank:

  1. Got a little tour – Got showed the tank, water bottle in case of salt in eyes, the shower, ear plugs, which was recommended and used, Vaseline to cover any cuts (Which I had a cut on the left arm and a burn on the right wrist which happened 5 days earlier, no blister kept rubbing of on my glove, still an open wound.) Wipes for my make-up, vinegar in case of water/salt in ears, towels, gentle music to know you are done. This session will last 1hr 20mins to 1hr 30mins. I get in the tank and it looked like to me what I always visioned a time machine to look like. Its common to bump upon the walls or twitching at first. Not me though I was gone instantly and didn’t move at all. First thought was wondering what I looked like if I was hovering just above, looking in. Both arms were tingling pretty good, the salt was eating its way through the Vaseline and into the wounds. I could easily ignore the minor left arm cut, but the right I had to lift up the arm to relieve the sting from the burn. Didn’t take long again to let go, totally gone into imagination land. I put my self into Snowball The Simpsons cat. It was just Lisa’s voice speaking though. The cat licked itself and at a bit of food. I transformed myself from that cat to my actual cat ate home. I was laying on her stand in the living room. So I tried that annoying thing the cat does, stood by the food dish and meowed annoyingly until the bowl was full. It was that hard to bite food though, so the meowing continued. They soon would add wet food to another dish, I continued to meow longer and sped up this time.  The reason for that was, is I seen a clip from The Simpsons on Facebook and Lisa and her dad tried floating. Lisa put herself into her cat and then a tree. So after becoming a cartoon I instantly turned into a tree. A massive populus tree, right in the middle of a forest. Swayed in the wind for a few minutes, very calming, relaxing experience. From there I transformed into a maple tree with leaves of fall colors and just all alone in the middle of a deserted plain.  All of a sudden got distracted by the burnt wrist tingling sensation again. Lifted the right arm, this time above the head, eyes open and as salt water dripped of the end of the fingertips, one drop landed directly into the cornea of the right eyeball. Tried to blink it out a bunch, forgot though arm was directly above still, so another drop landed in the left corner of the same eye. This time I moved the rest of the body directly towards the water bottle hanging up. No matter how much water I squirted in my eye, once that salt was in there, it was excepted to be irritated for a little bit after. Tried to shake it of but with the eye ball and wrist now both equally as annoying, it had to come to an end.
  2. This time I knew my way around so it was just get in as fast as possible. No cut’s this time, the wrist was completely healed. The day after the first float, the one cut on the right arm, almost healed. The left wrist had healed twice as fast as it had the previous 5 days combined. Time session would last 1:45 to 1:55. Same thing, soon as I laid back in the warm water I was gone. This time beats from this music called binaural beats took over the water and it all went into my brain. Binaural beats were suppose to help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states. Every beat would make my brain vibrate, all I could feel was my brain and  nothing else. I could picture like these mini electric shock-waves bouncing all over the brain some smashed together, others didn’t interact. After about 15 minutes I figured out how to send these shock waves to parts my body. I could shoot them out my fingers and toes, tried other places but they didn’t go there. After 30 minutes the beats would shut off. So this time took a few minutes to get over it. Tried switching my hands from my sides to above my head. In the processes of switching my floaters stance, I dripped some salt water on my right eyelid. I was smart enough this time around to keep the eyes closed, must of been the three AlphaBrain I took 30 minutes prior. After putting my arms back to my sides I bump into the wall a little with my left foot. I think that happened because I was wondering how close I was to touching. Then I would let go again, let go off a lot this time. Seen a lot of things all at once, but slowly I would make them disappear. Didn’t take long and all I could picture was a brain floating there in the middle of nothingness. It was total and complete darkness, silence and just a floating glowing very bright pink brain. Then I thought, what would it look like if this brain disappeared, just nothing. For the first time I’ve ever been able to accomplish this I seen what nothing is, total darkness, no darkness I’ve ever experienced before. I kept it this way for at least or what felt like about 10 minutes. Then I touched the edge with my foot, made sure my body was still there, it was. I let go for the final time this session, after lifting my arms a few times. I thought over and over what could I write about in the future. I turned into my iMac and not only could I see words being created but I became these words. As it got longer, I could clearly see and remember every word. Not sure how or where these words were coming from but I was them. I had pages and pages of stuff before long. Then the music came on, through the water and into the body. This session was over.
  3. Last time I floated was a couple weeks ago. This session would last 1:25hr to 1:35hr. Same as usual, I let go and I felt this time as if I just floated upwards. In the matter of about 10 secondsimages-3 I felt as if I were in the middle of the universe. To me I looked like this massive super giant, shaped like a human but glowing brighter then our sun. I just felt unstoppable, I quickly started to think of all these minor issues I was having, you know those things we let bother us regularly. So they became like these little asteroids, revolving around me. Then I just started punching them, they would explode like a fireworks display. Before long they were gone, I all of a sudden twitched my arms a bit. Sat up for a second then laid back and went on another journey. I first started breathing in very heavy through my nose, the out even harder through my mouth. It looked and felt like my body was evaporating, starting from the feet and working its way upwards. I was breathing in my body and blowing it out into the atmosphere. Soon I was gone, right away I made everything turn into total darkness again. Not long after, I would picture what looked like a huge underground like sewer system, abandoned though. Some light creeping in through the manhole covers. All I could here was a dripping sound of water from an old rusty water pipe, splashing against its own puddle. The echo from the long cement tunnels would enhance the sound tenfold, such a crisp solid drip. I could see myself but I was no taller then a mouse. I ran around a little bit but got bored quickly. I all of a sudden started to play the theme song from the “Rocky” movies. I turned into the normal size self again, jogging around the middle of nowhere just shorts, shoes and boxing gloves on. The song just kept playing, then things in my life I didn’t like would appear and I would punch them. Whether it be a person, a thing or a 3D figure of some sort. I would punch them and it would just disappear, further I got the more beautiful the scenery became. I would slowly start to move my body again, laid there for a couple minutes, then it was over. Here’s a pic of the tank I went exploring in….. Special thanks to the guys that made this journey possible at The Float Shack. Like them on FaceBook @TheFloatShack. Follow them on Twitter @TheFloatShack and on Instagram @TheFloatShack. Coming soon to a website near you www.thefloatshack.com

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