Being Transgender is a State of Mental Illness

Congratulations to Caitlyn Jenner for winning women of the year in 2015! You would think taping your shriveled sack and poor excuse for a penis to the back of your ass, wouldn’t qualify one to be a woman. I guess in this crazy messed up world we’ll pass your estrogen filled, panty wearing, fake titted, make-up disastrous face off for, what we call in Thailand: a “lady-boy.” We seem to be quick to forget just a couple years ago this broad was texting and driving well running a stop sign, killing a mother of two. Any other person, women, man, or both, would get two years in the clink for vehicular manslaughter. This poor excuse of a women still doesn’t believe in same sex marriage, give that absurd, long-haired, nose jobbed head a shake, dummy. Women of the year? Really? Women from across the world should of been outraged, that award belongs to Malala, or the women who are about to eradicate polio of the earth, any women fighting for their country, hell even the devils’ sister: Hilary Clinton, deserved it more than that thing.

Throughout human history, men have been called men, and women have been called women. I’m not going play your transgender games, where I am supposed to call women men and men women. I’m not going to modify basic biology because it threatens your subjective sense of what you are.

There was a man who is now a woman named Fallon Fox, who is a MMA fighter. Now he/she gets to call himself a woman, with a huge manly frame, gets to beat the shit out of women, and gets paid for it!

What is this gender pronoun nonsense going on? We now have passed a Canadian law where some can refer to themselves as Zi and Zer. So, you’re neutral? Nothing? When you are neither, that means you are dead; fuck out here with your nonsense.

The suicide rate for transgender people is surprisingly 40%! That is for every 100 trans, 40 of them kill themselves! If any other group of people were that high in suicide rates, they would be getting treated as if they were mentally ill, as suicidal tendencies fall under the mental illness category. And studies now are showing it doesn’t make a difference whether the trans person is or was bullied. Just to give you a sense of how high a rate that is: its estimated that 15% of people with bi-polar kill themselves, which is 30% higher among normal population. There is a massive rate between suicide and the mental state (whatever that may be) and transgenderism, which has nothing to do with how society treats them, and there is absolutely zero scientific evidence of this. If you are transgender, or know someone who is, for their care, their mental health, have them seek out a doctor of psychology and or psychiatry.



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