A Canadian Hero at His Best

George Saint Pierre is one of those people who if one is lucky enough, will see in their lifetime, the kind of intelligent specialized human that people can be proud to say this is what a true hero looks like. He will stop and have tea with your grandmother and double leg your friend who always said they have wrestled since they were still in diapers. A true champion, those who compose themselves as well as when they win or lose. Always at his best, his best true self, as caring for others as he does for himself. George literally bares all and leaves nothing to the imagination, no secrets, no lies, nothing but him at his finest. Always reading, he likes books about how to become the best.

A wicked warrior, a master of the mind, some would say he is living in a higher dimension. His sensory awareness is sharper than a samurai sword. He will strike in every which way and have you spinning on your head like a hip-hop artist, only his opponents don’t get back up. When you dedicate your entire life to becoming tunnel fucking vision in a certain aspect of life, you put in your Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 hours, and you prevail a true champion. In this world only winners can prevail, loses quit and give up. Pierre is an artist of a sport filled with killers, hungry like bears coming out of hibernation. Most will never make it, and those who do better have secret weapons ready to deploy at any moment. Rush has many tricks and will dominant you due to excessive practicing.

Mix martial arts (MMA) is as much psychological warfare as it is fighting first-hand on the battle field sort of speak. Put two explosive soldiers in the middle of the metal cage and let them duke it out. They said George has been out of the game too long, the sport has evolved past his old ways. He brought a show so amazing it literally stunned the populous, as it stunned professions lay speechless upon his greatness. He carries himself so well in the ring and out of the ring, it is hard to point to a better champion in any sport. In most other sports you must rely on others, in MMA it is you, yourself, and hopefully your best self. The first thing you learn to do any martial art is respect, you learn to clean up your life and become the best you that person can be. Become more like George in your everyday life and watch the excuses diminish, as there is nothing you can’t master.

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